Strategy & Business Model

We are ready to respond to market changes through efficient asset management. 

Transitioning to lower cost, lower risk and more flexible dry mining projects.


Businessmodel 02

Positioning the business into 2016 and beyond

Gangama and Lanti

Revised expansion plans

  • Internal feasibility studies completed
  • Two 250tph bolt-on units (one at Lanti and one at Gangama) to supplement the newly built 500tph Gangama plant
  • Replaces the second 500tph Gangama plant (as initially planned)

Key merits

  • Staged capital spend
  • Greater flexibility through multi-mine expansions

Businessmodel 03


Improved flexibility

  • Finalised third party pre-feasibility study
  • Operate at 500tph or 1,000tph depending onmarket dynamics
  • Investigating further plant flexibility
  • Options including 250tph units

Businessmodel 04Information as at 8 November 2016 and subject to review and modification after Iluka Resources merges with Sierra Rutile.