Sustainability is a cornerstone of Sierra Rutile’s culture and we strive to demonstrate our commitment through our approach to doing business.

The health and safety of Sierra Rutile’s workforce is paramount. The Group approach to health and safety is based on the principle of accident avoidance for our employees, and we aim to implement a policy that is consistent with the best global standards.

Sierra Rutile is committed to being a positive force not only in the communities around the production sites but Sierra Leone as a whole.

The Group pursues a number of initiatives and partnerships, including the Sierra Rutile Foundation, which are designed to improve the lives and opportunities of the people of Sierra Leone.

The Group aims to minimise the environmental impact of its mining operations and is committed to the rehabilitation of land affected by current and historical mining activity.

The Group seeks to maximise production and operational efficiency at the Sierra Rutile mine. The expansion and optimisation of production will allow the Group to deliver long-term profitability and capitalise on the unique potential of Sierra Rutile’s resource.