Sierra Rutile Foundation

The Group contributed $75,000 to the Sierra Rutile Foundation in 2015 (2014: $150,000), which was set up in 2006 to finance sustainable community development initiatives in the areas surrounding the Group’s operations.

The Foundation is managed by an independent board of trustees. During the year, the Foundation collaborated with AFCOM, a leading ISP and data network provider in Sierra Leone to establish digital computer centers at the Ruby Rose Educational Resource Center and Centennial Secondary School.

The Group also paid a total of $117,754 (2014:$123,000) to the Agricultural Development Fund which is an annual statutory contribution the Group makes to fund agro-economic development projects in all five mining chiefdoms where the Group operates.

Other ongoing projects implemented by the Group during the year included:

  • Construction of a six-classroom primary school in Bamba Village, Lower Banta Chiefdom;
  • Donation of science equipment from LabAid to three secondary schools in Imperi, Lower Banta and Jong Chiefdoms in a bid to promote the teaching of science in schools; and
  • Fabrication of furniture for the newly constructed primary school at Nyandehun, Imperi Chiefdom.

Daily provision of clean water supply to the areas surrounding the mining communities.

  • Continuing the implementation of the dust suppression programme by road watering;
  • Rehabilitating and maintaining some of the key community road networks within the mining concession; and
  • Donation of building materials to different institutions within the Group’s operational areas.

Construction of the second processing palm oil mill in Imperi Chiefdom.