Health and Safety

The Group is committed to conducting its business without risk to the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the general public.

Significant efforts and resources are put into preventing injuries and fatalities. Providing sufficient training to the Group’s employees to ensure they have the right skills to perform their duties safely is core to the success of the Group’s safety programme and the business seeks to ensure the Group’s employees receive sufficient training to enable them to perform their work safely. 

Key health and safety indicators are summarised below:

Key EHS Indicators2015201420132012
Numbers of:        
Fatalities 1 1 1 0
Lost Time Injurers 4 5 0 4

The Group continued to meet its safety targets set by the Board. The Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (“LTIFR”) for 2015 was 0.14, an improvement from the 0.19 achieved in 2014.

Regrettably, the Group recorded one fatality in 2015 that occurred at one of its contractors. Following this loss, a comprehensive audit of the procedures employed by the contractor was carried out by the EHS and Engineering Departments, and necessary corrective measures taken to monitor adherence to Sierra Rutile’s safety guidelines.

As part of company-wide efforts to increase safety awareness, the Group completed safety re-induction of all employees as well as its contractors in 2015. Furthermore, the Group appointed a new Safety Superintendent who, drawing on his experience with major international mining companies, will focus on enhancing the existing systems and policies and improving the consistency of the Group’s approach across the mining areas.