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Sierra Rutile has a strong balance sheet and sufficient liquidity to maximise the value of mining operations and invest in development

Shareholder Information

Listing details

Sierra Rutile’s company’s ticker codes is SRX.  Sierra Rutile’s shares are listed exclusively on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Share Register

Sierra Rutile Holdings Limited's share register is maintained by Computershare Investors Services Pty Limited (Computershare).

Security holders who wish to update personal or contact information, elect to receive communications electronically, such as the company's annual report or notices of meeting, or provide banking details can do so via and follow the prompts, or contact Computershare (using the details below).

When you use Easy Update or Contact Computershare you will need your Security Reference Number (SRN) or your Holding Identification Number (HIN) and your postcode. Both numbers are on your issuer Sponsored/CHESS statements.

Important information relating to notices of meeting and annual reports
Notice of meeting

Following the passing of the Corporations Amendment (Meetings and Documents) Act 2022, Sierra Rutile Holdings Limited will now issue notices of annual and general meetings electronically where a security holder has provided a valid email address or has not made an election, unless the security holder has elected to receive a paper copy of these documents.

If you wish to receive paper copies of notices of meeting, please update your preferences at or contact Computershare (using the details below). Alternatively, if you currently receive paper copies of notices of meeting and would prefer to receive them electronically, you can also update your preferences using the same process.

Annual reports

Security holders can also elect not to receive an annual report. If you choose not to receive an annual report, you can access it on the Sierra Rutile Holdings Limited website at


Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited

T: 1300 733 043 (within Australia)

T: +61 3 9415 4801 (outside Australia)

Postal Address: GPO Box 2975, Melbourne VIC 3001


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Reporting Dates

Quarterly Reports:

     Friday, 27 October 2023



SRX Noosa Mining Investor Conference - 20 July 2023

SRX June 2023 Quarterly Report Investor Call

SRX March 2023 Quarterly Report Investor Call

Ausbiz Interview - 22 May 2023

Mano Mining Contract Award - 19 May 2023