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Sierra Rutile is committed to compliance with the Environmental Project Agency of Sierra Leone

We are a significant participant in the Sierra Leone economy, and are committed to high or best practice environmental management standards in the mining industry. This in turn positively contributes to the Sierra Leone community.

We have environmental management practices in place aligned to regulatory requirements in Sierra Leone and consistent with broad community expectations. We understand our environmental impact and adopt measures to reduce it as far as practicably possible. We conduct regular reviews of our environmental impacts to identify areas for improvement and have subsequently updated processes to increase operational efficiency.

At Sierra Rutile we:

  • comply with all relevant local and national environmental laws and regulations, including in relation to environmental management and reporting; and
  • assess and manage the environmental and community risks associated with activities, and have appropriate systems and people in place to manage them effectively.

Sembehun ESHIA is available to view on the below link: