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Rehabilitation takes place during the operational phase of the mining lifecycle.

We undertake progressive rehabilitation where possible to prevent or minimise adverse long-term environmental, physical, social and economic impacts, with the aim to leave a lasting and positive legacy in our host communities.

Rehabilitation and mine closure within Sierra Leone are regulated by the EPA-SL. The overall closure objective of the EPA-SL is to ensure that remedial measures are planned and implemented in a manner that the land capability of the rehabilitated areas is capable of sustaining a variety of post closure land uses, where the residual post closure risks are acceptable to Sierra Rutile and Sierra Rutile’s stakeholders.

Every year, we develop a detailed Rehabilitation Plan. These plans are in line with the schedules developed in the Mine Closure Plan and aligned with the company’s operational requirements, considering future mining and land use. Further, any rehabilitation plans are aligned with community needs and expectations. All land rehabilitation and mine closure activities are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in Sierra Leone.

Post-mining land use options include:

  • Planting high-value usable crops for ecosystem services
  • Forestry
  • Natural vegetation

The full year land rehabilitation target for 2022 of 152 hectares was achieved and post-planting maintenance works have commenced.

Sierra Rutile has rehabilitated approximately 809 hectares since 2016, supported by the ongoing efforts of Sierra Rutile’s nursery team.

The 2023 Land Restoration and Implementation Plan has been finalised and aims to rehabilitate 276 hectares during 2023.


Sierra Rutile's rehabilitation estimate for Area 1 is reviewed annually in accordance with the IFRS and Sierra Rutile’s closure provisioning accounting policy.

An externally managed rehabilitation trust held funds of US$42 million as at 31 December 2022 to fund these obligations.

The trust deed for the rehabilitation trust specifies the mechanism by which Sierra Rutile can draw down on the trust funds for rehabilitation purposes.