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The world’s largest natural rutile producer positioned to significantly extend its mine life and reduce costs through development of Sembehun

Our Company

Sierra Rutile's (ASX: SRX) principal activities are in the operations of a multi-deposit mineral sands mining operation in southern Sierra Leone and is the largest producer of natural rutile in the world.

Rutile is the highest-grade naturally occurring TiO2 feedstock used in the manufacture of pigment used in paints, laminates, plastic pipes and packaging, inks, clothing, sunscreen, toothpaste and in the cosmetic industry. Rutile is also used as welding electrode as well as being used to manufacture titanium metal which has the highest strength to weight ratio of all commercial metals and is used across a diverse range of applications including aeronautics, medical implants, defence and sporting goods.

Employing over 2,000 staff, the Company is one of the largest private employers in Sierra Leone.

The Company has an established operating history over more than 50 years and, if the proposed Sembehun Project proceeds, a future mine life of at least 15 years based on the Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) completed during the year. The Company ships its standard grade rutile (SGR) product direct to major customers globally and stores industrial grade rutile (IGR) at its warehouse in Amsterdam for sale to a wide range of welding customers.

Area 1

Sierra Rutile’s current mining and mineral processing operations extract and process ore from the Gangama, Taninahun, Gbeni and Lanti deposits.  In future, it is intended that ore will also be mined from the Pejebu and Ndendemoia deposits.  Operations include four wet concentrator plants (WCPs); a mineral separation plant (MSP) and associated infrastructure; residential camps for senior and management staff; and a dedicated port facility. These deposits and operations are collectively referred to as Area 1.


Sierra Rutile also holds one of the world’s largest and highest quality known natural rutile deposits, the Sembehun Project.

Sembehun, located approximately 30 kilometres from the current Area 1 operations, presents an attractive development opportunity with long mine life, good grades, contiguous deposits, and additional exploration potential that can all leverage the extensive Area 1 infrastructure investment.


Sembehun ESHIA